Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Requested Questions from Nonsick1

1. how do you care your hair?

* I use ION color defense shampoo & daily deep conditioning conditioner, I shampoo twice in one shower & condition once.

* I use L'Oreal Moisturizing Hair Masque 3x a week, I leave it in for 5 minutes.

2. did you bleach your hair?

* I have bleached my hair MANY times in the past, but probably from the lower middle section of my hair to the ends is probably previous bleached hair.

3. will you grow out your hair?

* YES! This is what I am currently trying to do! :))

4. have you ever try short hair?

* YES! I had the little bobbed cut from ages 4-10 ! I tried the A-line cut when Rihanna came out with her good girls gone bad lol, then I did it again about 2 years ago because I wanted to cut off all the dead split ends. Pretty much restart my hair fresh and healthy :)

5. what hair products do you often use?

* I often use Herbal Essence Spray Gel as a light hair spray, and for an extra hold I use TREsemme Tres 2 aerosol hairspray. I dont use that many products because I really want to grow my hair out long and healthy :)