Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quick Update

Do you feel like the first time you make a blog; you feel as if you want to keep writing and fill your page up with tons and tons of writing??? But, you have nothing to write about?? Then, as the days... weeks... go on, you barely log on?? YEAH! That's what happened to me. RIGHT NOW! LOL! I would always read other people's blogs.. And watch YouTube[r]s all the time... 

Then when I finally made one. GEEEZ! I'm barely on the laptop! :P weird how that works right?? Crazzyyyy! Well, I'm currently on Spring Break :) I have some family from outta town that came down to visit and my boyfriend is here as well <3 He's currently on a short vacation then he ships off to where he's stationed.. :( *If your wondering!* YES! He's in the military, the Navy branch to be exact :) I love my sailor! 

That's pretty much where I've been for the past days... Or past week. I seriously need to upgrade my phone!!! GOSHHHHH! I'm tired of this NO internet business.. :( damn recession! hahaha just kidding. I think I will upgrade my phone next month. My boyfriend said he was going to get me a phone like his... but.................... WHAT EV'Z !! I'll believe it, once I get it :P I'm not going to complain.. Then again, I think I sound like I'm complaining :P 

On to the next subject... Actually, I really have nothing else to talk about. So, for those of you that are on or will be going on Spring Break. Have Fun! Stay Safe! And yada yada .. Use sunscreen and all that good stuff. LOL! TOODLES <33