Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Computer BOO-HOO !!!

This is EXACTLY how I been feeling for the past few days, almost a week now! About my laptop :( Unfortunately, It CRASHED :(((( Let's just say I had horrible anti-viruses and I have a Window Vista, which they say it is more prone to catching viruses and all that bad stuff a laptop can have!!! LAME

I have had that laptop for over, 5 to 6 years now... It probably accumulated PLENTY of viruses, so it decided to die on me!! :( haha.... But now it is currently being fixed!! :)  and I have my grandpa's computer to use in the mean time...That's the upside to it!

Back to the DOWN SIDE :( My grandpa's laptop has NO updated versions to anything!!! This laptop has the WordPad NOT the Microsoft Programs... HAHAH. With the old school solitaire games.... HAHAH! The old school Internet Explorer....

I had to download Google Chrome onto my grandpa's laptop, because the internet was not up to date with the YouTube channel.... I couldn't even watch videos in the beginning !!! HAHAH ! This laptop doesn't have my video editor, so therefore. I'm not able to make new videos lately :(( Which sucks a million times because I have SOOOO many things to talk about!!!!!

So this is pretty much an update of what's been going on... And why I been M.I.A from the YouTube world ! BOOOO HOOO! I shall be back soooon !! Everyone, please take care ALWAYS :) Keep your computers protected ;) hahah


bijewrit said...

My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!


lovetianachanel said...

Thank you so much :))
Please feel free to give me your input
and or request for any upcoming videos
for my YouTube <33 Take Care
xoxo love, Tiana