Friday, March 18, 2011

YouTube & Threading

I have no idea where I am going with this blog post.. So, maybe it's just going to be a bunch of rambling. LOL! I've been stuck on watching YouTube for the past year.. or maybe two years now.. I'm always glued to the chair, floor, bed, WHERE EVER I AM with the laptop !! Watching YouTube videos... Makeup Tutorials, Hair Tutorials, Comical Shows, Hauls, TAGS, OOTD.... So onnnn and sooooo fourth! 

So than one day, I got an epiphany! I'm so stuck on this website, why don't I make my own channel !?!?! It took some time.. but I did it :)) Let me just say, I was *INSPIRED* I may not have many subscribers now, but hopefully as I keep up and keep posting videos, my viewers will increase! You always have to keep it positive and "keep moving forward" :P [Meet the Robinson's Movie]]

This summer, I believe I won't be taking any classes.. I feel like taking up something.. Just to keep me busy.. Maybe Ballet Fitness?? Perhaps Yoga? A non-credited class on dress making?? I DON'T KNOW!!! I have a couple of months to figure that out!! heheh. I think I'm going to make a Haul video today.. I've bought cute stuff in the last week.. Hmm??

ARGHHH! I need to get my eyebrows threaded. IMMEDIATELY! Threading opened new doors for me when it came to my eyebrows. Believe it or not, my boyfriend had tried it before me!! He was like "dummy" for the pain and experience. HAHAH just kidding! He came back with TAME-[r] eyebrows LOL! Plus it looks really clean and great! First experience, I was SOOO SCARED! I didn't know what to expect. By the time it was done, it looked FABULOUS!! I had a beautifully arched eyebrows that were super neat and clean!!! 

*TIPS* and *FACTS* about -----THREADING   ((+ pros   -- cons))
+ The more you taut (stretching of the skin) where your fingers are placed, the less pain you'll feel.
+ Approximately takes about 5-10 minutes long for them to thread your eyebrows. (depending on how thick or thin your eyebrows are.)
+ The results are amazing. My lady follows and defines my natural arch, so it looks natural and sexy. NOT harsh or ">" "<" looking eyebrows. YIKES !!!!
+ Lasts up to 2-3 weeks till hair starts to grow back to a bush. LOL 
-- The longer you wait, and the more hair you grow.. It hurts :( so KEEP UP
-- If your not use to the feeling of continuous hairs being plucked out of your brows.. DON'T DO IT
-- If you don't like the fact that you have to get involved with fixing your brows SUCH AS: tauting your skin and holding it in place for a couple of minutes.... DON'T DO IT